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Sheet Masks – You Need To Add These To Your Skincare Routine

Sheet Masks – You Need To Add These To Your Skincare Routine

Sheet masks are your beauty getaway in the dazzling world of K-beauty. Sheet masks are an inexpensive way to level up your skincare routine. Typically, sheet masks are known to be hydrating, nourishing, brightening, moisturizing, and anti-ageing or provide anti-acne properties. 

The sheet in sheet masks is made of cellulose fibres, rayon, bamboo cotton, silk, hydrogel or coconut pulp. These sheets are soaked in nourishing serums that contain a high concentration of actives as compared to regular serums, designed to fit any face. 

Sheet masks are popular in eight types, namely hydrogel sheet masks, bio-cellulose sheet masks, microfiber sheet masks, foil sheet masks, knit sheet masks, charcoal sheet masks, bubble sheet masks and ampoule sheet masks. Sheet masks originated in Japan and South Korea. 

It is because of the effectiveness of sheet masks that the One Day, One Pack’ method became popular. Several K-pop icons swear by this method for glass skin. Sheet masks are an effortless way to give your skin the instant dose of hydration it needs, along with the skin care concerns that they target. 

Enokii skincare products have a wide variety of fruit sheet masks combined with powerful skincare activities. Enokii has Pomegranate and Niacinamide Sheet Mask that helps achieve glowing skin. Another power-packed combination is the Strawberry and Kojic Acid Sheet Mask for pimple-free radiant skin.  Multani Mitti and Provitamin B5 Sheet Mask by Enokii Cosmetics help manage excess oil on the face. Enokii Orange and Glycolic Acid Sheet Mask is the ultimate product for skin brightening. The powerful duo of Raspberry and Arbutin Sheet is the key to younger skin. Say goodbye to clogged pores, blackheads, dead skin cells and other impurities with Enokii’s Watermelon and Salicylic Acid Sheet Mask. Enokii skin care products also have a Cherry and Vitamin C Sheet Mask for reducing dark spots and Kiwi and Hyaluronic Acid for reversing sun damage. 

Sheet masks provide immense benefits to your skin. Here are some benefits of sheet masks for your skin – 

  1. Provide intense hydration: sheet masks contain a high concentration of hydrating ingredients as compared to any other skincare product. The fabric of sheet masks is said to lock in moisture into the skin. Try Pomegranate and Niacinamide Sheet Mask by Enokii Cosmetics for ultimate plump and glowing skin and for strengthening the barrier of the skin.
  2. Immediate and effective results: as sheet masks are soaked with effective high-strength serum, the results obtained are almost immediate. Your skin appears dewier, radiant and hydrated after using a sheet mask.
  3. Easy to use: unlike face masks or mud masks, sheet masks are a mess-free and inexpensive option when it comes to pampering your skin. All you have to do is place the sheet mask on for 10-15 minutes on your face and let the sheet mask work its magic while you rest. 
  4. Targets skin concerns: sheet masks are enriched with skin serums that help target specific skincare concerns like acne, dark spots, dry skin, anti-aging and much more. There is a sheet mask for almost every skincare concern. 
  5. Enhance product absorption: sheet masks contain ingredients that act as a ‘delivery agent’ and promote the absorption of skincare products into the skin. 

How and when to use a sheet mask?

Although sheet masks are potent and effective, it is essential to use them properly to reap their benefits. Here are some tips for how and when to use sheet masks – 

  • Just as you clean your face before applying any skincare product, you should cleanse your face before using a sheet mask. Using a sheet mask on impure skin does not aid proper absorption of the serum-infused sheet mask.
  • Do not use sheet masks for more than the time mentioned on the pack. If you keep the sheet mask for more than 30 minutes, the sheet starts absorbing the nourishment back from the skin.
  • The excess serum/ essence in the pack can be patted into the skin or can be applied on the arms, neck, elbow and knees for extra hydration. 
  • Sheet masks with rich or creamier essence can be applied at night so that the skin has the time to absorb all the nutrients throughout the night. 

Sheet masks containing actives like glycolic acid or retinol should not be used more than once a week or as per the instructions on the pack. Ensure that you read the labels on the pack to avoid over-exfoliation of the skin.

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