Enokii Skin Brightening Ubtan Face Mask – 100g

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  • Ensures an even skin tone: Turmeric, which is high in antioxidants, protects skin cells from free radical damage and improves complexion by lightening the skin tone.
  • Gentle exfoliator: Honey, rich in antioxidants, crystallizes when it comes in contact with water or heat of your skin and acts as a scrub for your skin to remove dirt and blackheads too.
  • Protection against sun tan: Turmeric & Liquorice goodness helps to reverse sun damage, resulting in brighter, more radiant, and healthier skin.
  • Anti-aging: Turmeric slows the skin aging process, and is used to diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple, and improve skin elasticity.
  • Made with toxin-free ingredients: The face mask is free from parabens, petroleum, and artificial preservatives and is made with natural ingredients.

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Unveil glowing skin with the goodness of saffron, turmeric, orange, liquorice, and honey extracts in Enokii Ubtan Face Mask. Made with a blend of natural ingredients, it helps eliminate tan, gives a brighter complexion, and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. This mask intensely hydrates the skin and gives it a refined look.

Hero ingredients of Enokii Skin Brightening Ubtan Face Mask
  • Turmeric extracts: this magic ingredient has skin lightening and healing properties. It effectively reduces dark spots and improves complexion. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties too. It provides skin with a natural luster and promotes skin healing.
  • Liquorice Extract: it acts as a natural anti-aging ingredient, which also reduces hyperpigmentation and fights sun damage. It is also known to strengthen your skin’s defense mechanisms.
  • Saffron Extracts: it helps to recover the skin from the damage caused by environmental stressors. It is a calming ingredient that gives an even skin tone, which also stimulates cell regeneration. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is the best ingredient for sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin C extracts: it boosts the production of collagen and makes it firm and younger. Vitamin C’s antioxidants may aid in protecting against the potential harm that UV rays can do. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage, and gives an even skin tone.
  • Honey: it acts as a natural moisturizer that makes the skin look plump and glowing. Additionally, honey is a natural exfoliant, so using it on your face removes dry, dead skin and reveals fresh, new skin cells underneath. Due to its antioxidants and anti-microbial properties, Enokii ubtan mask repairs and heals damage.

Suitable for all skin types. Use this mask twice a week for best results.

Best before 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

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1 review for Enokii Skin Brightening Ubtan Face Mask – 100g

  1. Anjali B. Gadhave

    Loved very much. It really shows the results within 10 days.

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