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Enokii Professional Keratin Pro-biotin Conditioner – 300ml

  • Revive damaged hair: Reishi mushroom conditioner improves hair quality by repairing damaged hair and protecting it from external environmental toxins.
  • Provides tangle-free hair: This conditioner is packed with great conditioning properties that improve the shine naturally while keeping the hair tangle-free. It provides deep moisturization to the scalp.
  • Restores shine: This conditioner is created with a protein-rich formula that provides good nourishment and restores the shine and elasticity of hair.
  • Toxin-free ingredients: This conditioner is made with natural ingredients. It’s free from sulphate, paraben, harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives.
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Give your hair chemical-free nourishment & strength with Enokii Keratin Hair Conditioner. An exclusive formulation that imparts lustre & boosts volume to give strong & healthy hair. Reishi mushroom helps protect the scalp from environmental pollutants, which helps make hair healthy & strong.

Hero Ingredients of Enokii Professional Keratin Pro-biotin Conditioner:

  • Reishi Mushroom: Reishi mushrooms contain triterpenes and beta-glucans that plays an important role in promoting new hair growth and improving the overall health of hair follicle. It has antioxidants that protect the hair from external environmental toxins and repair hair loss by protecting the scalp.
  • Keratin Extract: It is a protein that supports hair growth by keeping healthy and strong hair. It helps minimize breakage, reduce the growth of split ends and strengthen the hair. It simply removes frizziness by providing soft & silky hair.
  • Argan Oil: It is packed with a richness of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin A and linoleic acid to restore the elasticity of hair and shine. It cleanses the hair scalp, nourishes it well and promotes hair growth. It contributes to stronger, fuller, healthier and smoother hair treatment.


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