Effective Skin Care with a Face Cleanser

Effective Skin Care with a Face Cleanser

Any skincare routine is incomplete without a face cleanser. Cleansing is essential as it helps get rid of impurities, dirt and pollutants that you’ve encountered throughout the day. Although targeted skin care creams, serums and spot treatments are great; however they are of no use without proper cleansing. Clean skin is the foundation of healthy skin. Additionally, it is also imperative to opt for a skin cleanser according to your skin type to reap the maximum benefits of the product. 

Why is it important to use a face cleanser?

Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to several external factors that damage the skin and make it appear dull and lifeless. Clearing these foreign pollutants from the skin can help reveal bright and glowing skin. Simply cleansing with water does not help clear all the impurities from the skin; thus using a face cleanser is of utmost importance. 

What are the types of facial cleansers?

Before investing in a face cleanser, it is essential to know the types of facial cleansers available in the market. Here are the types of facial cleansers – 

  1. Foaming facial cleansers: these types of cleansers are face cleansers that foam up. Foaming face cleansers are best suited for oily, normal and combination skin types. 
  2. Gel facial cleansers: these cleansers have a thicker and translucent appearance as the name suggests. They are water-based and help balance the pH of the skin. They are effective for people with sensitive skin. Enokii has 3 gel-based cleansers that are naturally formulated without any toxins. Enokii has Vitamin C Daily Glow Facial Cleanser, Activated Charcoal Face Cleanser and Matcha Green Tea Face Cleanser. Vitamin C cleanser helps effectively cleanse the skin and gives it a healthy glow. The charcoal face cleanser is skin detox at your fingertips as it effectively clarifies and rejuvenates the skin. Green tea face wash gives the skin a matte look and helps keep acne at bay. 
  3. Cream-based cleansers: these cleansers are thicker and creamier and help retain moisture in the skin. They are also known as lotion cleansers or milk cleansers. People with dry, dehydrated and combination skin can use cream cleansers.
  4. Oil-based cleansers: these cleansers help remove oil-based impurities like grease, sebum, and other impurities by breaking them down. They are more powerful than water-based cleansers. They are effective for all skin types.   
  5. Micellar cleansers: these cleansers are known to attract dirt, oil and impurities from the skin and lift them off. They contain hydrating ingredients, making them a gentle alternative to harsh cleansers. 
  6. Clay cleansers: these cleansers are formulations that are designed to absorb impurities from the face without disrupting the essential nutrients from the skin. Clay cleansers give the skin a mattified look. They are best suited for oily skin.
  7. Cleansing balms: they are oil-based, thick and have rich consistency. They help dissolve heavy makeup without stripping the natural oils from the skin. These non-irritant formulas do not disturb the natural pH of the skin. 

How to use a face cleanser?

You can only reap the maximum benefit of any product when you know how to use it effectively. Vitamin c Face cleansers are pretty simple to use. Below mentioned are the correct steps to use a face cleanser – 

Step 1: clean your hands and wet your face. Do not use hot water as might dry out your face.

Step 2: take a coin-sized amount, add a few drops of water to it, rub your hand together to lather it and apply it on your face.

Step 3: massage it on your wet face in circular motions for about 45-60 seconds. 

Step 4: rinse with cool water and pat dry face. Do not rub your face rigorously. 

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